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Weather: Sunny Air Temperature: 71-80 F

Yellowstone Fishing Report: The Firehole and Madison are not good options during the late summer months due to increased water temps from geothermic influences. Look for these rivers to come back into play once summer subsides and the cooler weather of fall sets in. The Yellowstone river below Yellowstone Lake is now open and while there is not a robust population of fish in this section of river, the average size of fish is impressive. You may have to work for them but more times than not, they are interested in dry flies. Leftover Golden Stones are producing good attractor and foam pattern fishing.

The Northwest corner of the park, including the Lamar River, Soda Butte Creek, Pebble Creek and Slough Creek are now fishing after the recent two weeks of rain. Look for fall drakes, Mahoganies, Baetis and leftover PMDs and caddis. The Hoppers and terrestrials can also be key bugs in targeting the Yellowstone Cutthroats in this region of Yellowstone National Park. Those looking for a remote fishing experience should look to the southwest corner of the park to target the Upper Fall River and Bechler River while access can be challenging, the fishing can be very rewarding. This area of Yellowstone National Park is known for its problematic Grizzly and Black Bears. So be sure to bring your bear spray.