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 Another Beautiful Day Today! Tuesday, June 27th, 2017 

We have had some beautiful days!  Temperatures not too hot so it has just been pleasant.  Today should see the mid 80s and tomorrow and Thursday we are looking at upper 80s to low 90s.  Party is over.  By Friday and Saturday, rain seems to be sneaking back into the picture.  Next week looks hot and humid. 

No change in the generation pattern.  Normal power pool for this time of the year is 917 feet.  We are just a little under 922 feet.  Its going to be a while more before we can hope the generators stop. 

Three boat group on the water last Friday. Most of them were new fly fishers. Dana took Rod and his son, Rodney.  They had a good day on the holographic green crackleback and the lightning bug.  Stan took Jeff and Adam and they were fishing the lightning bug or cerise San Juan under the big ruby.  Carolyns guys, Denton and Aaron were catching on the cerise San Juan under the big ruby or stripping the tiger tail.  Everyone had fun and learned a lot.  Bad news of the day was a surprise storm that popped up while we were rowing out.  The wind and the force of the rain were unbelievable!!  We thought we had a tornado ripping up the river.  Glad to say everyone got off the river safely.a little wet, better yet, drenched, but safe. 

Saturday, Dana took Todd and Matt, from Texas, out all day.  Good day for these guys on the lightning bug or stripping the crackleback.  Stan out with Cary and his father, Sherrod all day.  They had a fun, good day on the crackleback, an egg pattern and the tiger tail. 

Bryce and his father, Randy, spent Sunday morning with Dana.  It was the olive filoplume or crackleback that day. 


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Weather: Sunny Air Temperature: 61-70 F

Good temperatures and we have been getting some much needed rain.  Didn’t think I would hear myself say that.  Table Rock has come up to 908.5′ as of this a.m.  This is almost a foot and a half in just a few days.  And, we have more in the forecast.  Currently, rain is predicted for tomorrow morning and again for Wednesday and Thursday.  Temperatures are remaining in the 60s and 70s.

Generation a little different this past week.  We actually had generation almost all day Thursday.  Friday it was off in the morning then on early afternoon and ran almost the balance of the day.  Same thing Saturday…turned it on at 2:00 p.m.  So far today, it is still off.

Teddy – 3/20/17

Stan and Carolyn took a family from Parkville out for half a day last Monday.  The only one who was a fly fisher was Bill, the father of the clan.  Carolyn had the ladies, Abby and Alex, and Stan took Bill and  Teddy.  Beautiful day with no generation but a little….sometimes more….wind blowing.  Much to Abby’s surprise, everyone, including her, caught fish.

Abby & Alex with a double – 3/20/17

We all had a great day on the ruby 2 or black copperhead midges.

Thursday, we all hit the water expecting it to drop around 19:00 a.m. or so.  Not.  Water did not turn off, and, in fact, increased around 1:00 p.m.  Gina had Stacy and his son, Devin out for half a day.  Great day for these two on

Devin – 03/23/17

the ruby 2 and red tunghead midges.  Devin brought both the first and last fish to the boat.   Dick, from Kansas, spent the day on the water with James.  A little slow

Stacy – 3/23/17

start in the early part of the morning, but things picked up around lunch time and they had a great day mainly stripping the tiger tail.  They also caught fish on the P&P under the big ruby.   Carolyn took Jim and Nancy from Illinois out for half a day.  Very good day for these guys too.  Started out with the black copperhead midge on one and the ruby 2 on the other….both under the big ruby.  After Jim

Jim – 3/23/17

caught his second fish on the black copperhead, it took two minutes to change out Nancy.  I think we all agreed this was one of our better days of catching for more nice fish.

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Weather: Sunny Air Temperature: 61-70 F

Woke up this morning to a white deck!  Im happy.thats enough snow for the year.  Fortunately, I think we have had the snow for the next several days.  It will be really cold again tomorrow, but we will see a warming trend and actually be in the upper 40s by Monday and upper 50s Tuesday!!  Then 50s through the entire week and into the weekend.  Right now they are forecasting rain over the weekend but that it an entire week away.  Were wait and see.  Yeah!.warmer weather. 

Past few days we have seen three to four hours of generation in the morning.  Off around 10:00 a.m. for seven to eight hours then back on again for several hours.  Probably will continue with this schedule unless we get some major power demands.  They have followed that schedule so far today. 

New Years Day was cold!!  Yes, it was in the 40s, but with no sun and lots of wind, it was downright cold.  A few of the gals from the club were on the river Sunday and fishing was pretty slow.  We caught a few fish and kept our tradition going.