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This past week has changed fishing, there are more bluefish around then there have been in two years, and fish up to 12# this week. I have landed over 130 bluefish and 10 stripers in the last three trips no shortage of sore arms and bruised hands. I have had no sightings of Albies, but reports of sightings all around us, we all hope that this week is the charm, there are more schools of bait around than I can remember, so when the Albies show up it should be interesting.

Have a great week and Tight Lines to all,

Capt. Mike

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Fishing report from Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island sound May 10, 2014
things are starting to come together here in the ocean state a large push of squid up to14"report from Newport and Jamestown. The last three days reports of striped is along Newport, Jamestown, South County and into Narragansett Bay. Most fish run from a size 14 to 22 inches bigger fish have not arrived yet with the amount of bait in the area this will happen soon. Large schools of menhaden flooding into Narragansett Bay is like ringing the dinner bell. As the weather warms the larger fish will move into the area. I will be out again soon look for my report until then tight lines

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Fished the East Greenwich area by Harborside and such. Traveled down to wickford also for a little while. no bites all day, used lures and soft plastics.