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41° 4' 15.8484" N, 73° 6' 50.4504" W
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Weather: Sunny Air Temperature: 61-70 F

The weather this report period cooperated for anglers heading offshore for codfish, pollock and ling.  The codfish fishing has improved for anglers drifting calms and open bottom in 120 and more feet of water, on the offshore reefs and around the fringes of the deep-water wrecks.  White, pink and red plastic Twister Tail teasers placed 18 inches above the hook often out-fished the clams.

When schools of sand eels were recorded, anglers who switched to diamond jigs reported the best action.  Anglers anchored over the wrecks reported a good amount of ling as well as pollock. When the pollock showed up, anglers reported better action on diamond and Viking jigs. Most of the pollock and codfish were reported to be around keeper sized, with pool fish between 12 and 15 pounds and the occasional 20-pound cod.

The most consistent bottom fishing was reported by the anglers fishing off Montauk Point in Block Island Sound, with the best days resulting in limits for all anglers aboard. Some days the action was slow, with only a few codfish reported, but in general the fishing was good to excellent. The open boats fishing out of Captree and Freeport reported good action on the wrecks in 90-feet of water and deeper. The open boats fishing in New York Bight reported excellent ling fishing and good codfish fishing, as well as the occasional mackerel when schools were intercepted.  Anglers fishing south of Jones Inlet reported days of excellent mackerel fishing with up to 100 mackerel being caught by anglers fishing Sabiki rigs and small tubes. The key was to use small lures on your rig.

The herring fishing showed improvement, with anglers casting herring rigs off the central North Shore beaches reporting good fishing, as well by anglers fishing the docks and jetties. The key was to move from beach to beach until the fish were found. On the South Shore, herring were caught off Canarsie, 69th Street and Magnolia piers.

The white perch fishing remained steady at the pool at Argyle Lake, in the Carlls River, in the Carmen’s River and in Santapogue Creek.  Grass shrimp remained the top bait, with night crawlers a good second bait.

The creeks and ponds have remained largely ice-free, but there have been no freshwater reports of late.

Guy Zummo 


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Weather: Sunny Air Temperature: 71-80 F

The blackfish season opened at the beginning of this report period. Anywhere there was structure blackfish were caught. Many anglers are targeting blackfish, sea bass and porgies on the same trip and same location as these fish are usually found together. The blackfish tend to be tighter to the structure, with sea bass and porgies a the fringes of the structure.

Good blackfish action was reported on the South Shore artificial reefs, inshore wrecks and rock piles. There was surprisingly good blackfishing in the South Shore bays and inlets, including the bridge abutments in the inlets. Shore anglers fishing jetties, marina bulkheads and walls caught keeper-sized blackfish, along with plenty of short fish.

Triggerfish and blowfish were being caught in the same inshore areas as the blackfish.

On the North Shore the blackfishing was excellent at all the rock piles and reefs. Blackfish action was excellent off Montauk and Orient points and in The Peconics and Gardiner's Bay. The standard fiddler and green crab baits both produced well in all areas, as did clams when fished from the North Shore beaches.

The sea bass fishing remained good, with the biggest fish caught on the less-fished wrecks and hard spots, which is expected given that the season has been open throughout the summer. Sea bass were caught wherever the blackfish were caught.

Clams and sandworms produced large porgies on the North Shore beaches, from the City line to Orient Point. The key to successful beach fishing was to keep moving until the porgies were found. The porgy fishing remained excellent in Gardiner's Bay and The Peconics at Jessup’s Neck and Rodgers Rock, on the South Shore artificial reefs.

Large porgies were also being caught off Shagwong and around Montauk Point.

The fall, surf-striper run is in full force, as is the boat fishing for stripers and blues. Bernie’s Bait and Tackle reported good striper fishing in the surf from Breezy Point, with bucktails and plugs catching stripers up to 35 pounds, with the majority of the bass large schoolies. Mike at Saltwaters Bait and Tackle reported that bunker chunks fished from the beaches around Fire Island Inlet caught stripers to 50 pounds. Some bluefish have been reported mixed in with the stripers in the surf.

Large schools of bunker were reported just off the South Shore beaches, providing boat anglers with excellent striper and large bluefish fishing. There was a very good weakfish bite in Fire Island Inlet on the night tides. Bucktails, diamond jigs and plastic baits fished on a jighead all produced weakfish to 10 pounds.

The striper fishing off Montauk Point was excellent, with nearly all boats reporting limiting out on keeper stripers when fishing diamond jigs, trolling tubes and parachute jigs and using live bait. Bluefish in the 8- to 12-pound range were making up about half the catch. The Montauk surf was hot, with bass to 40 pounds being reported on bucktails and plugs. Anglers were reporting up to a half dozen large stripers an outing. The fall striper run is better than during the last few seasons and all signs indicate that this fall run will remain excellent.

Mike also reported that the offshore bite at the Fish Tails was excellent, with anglers chunking-up 60-pound class yellowfin, bigeyes in the 200-pound class as well a few long-fin. Mahi were mixed in with the tuna. The best action occurred along the highest temperature breaks and the night chunking had the edge over the daylight fishing.

The shark fishing remained good, with a fair number of sharks still being reported.

The night fishing for bluefish remained strong, but anglers are now reporting more and more stripers being caught, with some nights nearly all stripers. This is an excellent fishery to take advantage of by hopping on one of the open boats running out of Sheepshead Bay, Freeport, Point Lookout and Captree.