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To say the striper fishing has been slow would be the right answer to the foremost question "How's the fishing this year". We do have good days but the bad days are beginning to out number the good days. That’s not to say we aren't catching fish, just not in the numbers and size we should be catching. Bob Balereski wore himself out catching Stripers just off the south jetty at Plum Island. I spotted birds working sand eels about ¾ of a mile south on a hump and he caught striper after striper all in the mid 20's, making him a believer in Slug–O's. The Piscataqua has also been slow, but lots and lots of bait which was evident in a 27" striper that weighed 12lbs and had a gut the size of a football. After this past week's full moon I'm hoping the bite picks up as the Dockside Striper Tournament is the next week. Keep fishing I'm sure as hell it's going to get better.