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Blue and Spring lakes, the Tucannon River impoundments on the Wooten Wildlife Area in Columbia County, remain open to trout fishing through the end of December. But Wooten manager Kari Dingman reports the lakes have developed thin ice layers with recent cold temperatures that hinder fishing.

Snake River steelhead fishing continues to be productive in some areas, despite drops in water temperatures that usually slow the bite.

Anglers who fish through the ice on any waterway with an open fishing season through the winter are reminded to check ice-fishing safety information on WDFW’s website.

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September is when hatchery steelhead catch-and-keep fishing really picks up on the Snake River, where steelhead numbers passing the dams increase and so does angler effort and success.

In addition, fishing for hatchery-marked fall chinook salmon starts Aug. 30 and runs through Oct. 31 in the Snake River. A significant portion of the 2014 Columbia River forecasted return of 919,000 upriver bright chinook adults is expected to return to the Snake River. See all the rules for this fishery here.