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Lobster fishing has been good to epic. We have been getting anywhere from 9 to 28 bugs per night, running nightly trips right now.

We have been fishing anywhere from 10-45 feet of water. Some nights were fishing 10, some 35-45 feet on channel edges, rocks, around clam beds. We're using chopped up sardines for the most part, and a little bit of salmon scraps. The weather has been great, nice and dry, beautiful downtown San Diego atmosphere and the fishing has been just as good.

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The lobster fishing opening night was awesome -- in two pulls we limited for two guys, including one that was about 8 pounds. We also threw back about two limits.

We caught them all on mashed up bonito and sardines set in tubes, fishing 30-35 feet of water along channel edges with a little bit of rock. It's wide open, like it was two years ago. We had 14-15 bugs in a hoop in a pull.

I'll be doing lobster trips nightly. Trips are only $375 for 3-4 people, obviously now is the time to go.

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Weather: Sunny Air Temperature: 71-80 F

David Adamson caught a 100+ pound yellowfin tuna on Monday fishing aboard the Coral Sea in US waters. This has been a truly spectacular summer for yellowfin tuna in local waters, but those caught here rarely exceed even 50 pounds, with most in the 20 pound or under range.

This one weighed in at 101.8 pounds despite a large hammerhead shark taking the tail section of the fish during the fight. It was reportedly caught on a stop the boat made on a kelp paddy 30 miles northwest of San Diego near San Clemente and Catalina Islands. "I caught him on a kelp with three other boats there.