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46° 59' 48.0156" N, 119° 18' 51.7176" W
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Weather: Sunny Air Temperature: 61-70 F Water Temp: 51-60 F Clarity: Clear

Did a one day trip with the boys and it was awsome. Day started out slow at quency since the last two weeks i went there it seem like water had dropped alittle and bite slow down. But in the afther noon we mannag3 to land quite a bit if fish. Carp, blue gill largeis, !and y3s tiger muskies. Overall we just thought that wasn't enough fish to make the trip worth it so wr head out and went to Ellensburg riifio lake and man alot of crappies and largies they were off the hook might head back this weekend.if so ill see yall out there

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Weather: Sunny Air Temperature: 51-60 F Water Temp: 41-50 F Clarity: Clear

Try for aome some walleye th8s past sunday but no luck. Some people did manage to land some but none for me all though we d8d switch lakes and manage to land sime small mouth bass at banks lake along with white fish and all the way back home decide to stop bye quincy lakes manage to land a tiger muskie about 35" alll in all a great one day trip.

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Weather: Partly Sunny Air Temperature: 41-50 F Water Temp: 31-40 F Clarity: Stained
1 fish caught | Lunker: 1lb Walleye using a Panfish Jig

Chilly 11th of February the water was 39 degrees, we started fishing in Lind Coolee slow trolled  around with jig and worm looking for crappie and perch didn't mark many fish on graph. Talked to a couple other boaters and they didn't mark any fish and had zero bites we continued this untill noon then decided to have a very brisk run out to the mouth of Crab Creek. There was 5 boats milling around, some were trolling some looked to be using blade baits. We fished another couple hours and I only had one strike on a 2 " bobby garland baby shad tipped with worm and it was a little 12" walleye. didn't see any other fish cought but I know they are getting some nice walleye in this area, need to get back up to potholes and catch some of these walleyes or get my butt up in the dunes and find those Crappiesindecision. Even though it was cold it was still a great day on the water.

CatchSpeciesLure / BaitBrandWeight (lb)Length (in)
1WalleyePanfish Jig112