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I was at Pomme De Terre Lake in Missouri for the first time on March 28, 2015 for a Muskies Inc. fishing tournament.  The tournament included 14 boats from Missouri and Illinois.  There was also a bass tournament on the lake the same day.  The water was in the high 40s, so the fishing was slow, but I had a good time.  Only one muskie was caught by our group, but a couple of members did land bass that were as large as 20-22" long.  The muskie was a healthy 37" fish, caught on a 7.5" ShallowRaider in about 2' of water.  We also spoke to bass anglers who told us that they had had moderate success catching bass on jerkbaits, and had caught several large walleyes (one specified 4.5 lb) on the same lures.

I had always heard Pomme De Terre was a good multi species lake, and this trip seemed to confirm it.  I saw a surprising number of good sized fish, of many species, caught despite the cold water.  Even while we were waiting to launch, there was a guy fishing off the dock, who managed to get at least ten 12"+ crappies in his bucket before we left.