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I decided to fish the Burnout Bash this weekend and needless to say the name of the tournament was the only thing I got this weekend. I started day Saturday fishing in front of Grant Park with nothing to show for it between bobbers and spawn and casting spoons and rapala cranks. After getting my temperamental 95' evinrude to start working right I decided to troll with only one small brown to show for it. I then packed up and trailered up to McKinley Marina in Milwaukee to work the boat slips with spawn. Talk about a BUST! After five hours without a single takedown I called it a night. Sunday morning I decided to set up in the slips again due to the amount of fish I saw jumping Saturday. At 9am I ended up having two short hits on spawn but that was it. I then tried five more spots with nothing to show for my time besides a lot of yelling at my motor. After talking to a few friends who were fishing Racine the story was the same there also very slow with short hitters. NOAA is calling for a bunch of rain later this week which will get the chinooks moving up the rivers.