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41° 33' 38.2284" N, 83° 38' 42.9612" W
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Weather: Rain Air Temperature: 61-70 F Clarity: Clear 1 fish caught

It rained some while we fished from the bank under an overpass.  Others had waders and was in the water catching 100-300 fish, Coolers full.  We caught 6 fish good size ones after we moved away from the crowd.  Next time I'll have waders too for the trip.

CatchSpeciesLure / BaitBrandWeight (lb)Length (in)
1White BassLive Worm7
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Weather: Sunny Air Temperature: 51-60 F Clarity: Murky 3 fish caught

While the Maumee River is 'famous' for it's annual Hugee Spring Walleye Run and White Bass on the tails of the Walleye. However with water clarity and forage base improving from invasive species to the Great Lakes and tributaries, there is another species that has not just survived but thrived: Mr. Largemouth Bass. From the shores of Lake Erie into the mouth of the river and inland until at least the first Dam. These fish are healthy, numerous and range into the 5 pound realm, they can be caught a number of different ways. One is casting the shoreline, weeds, Logjams, Lilypads. etc... another is frogging these same pad areas, or working a crankbait there is structure everywhere. Several Bass fishing clubs are now calling this home as there are plenty of them for angler to hone their skills on, from numberous younger Bass to the larger fish mentioned above. Tim Swartz

CatchSpeciesLure / BaitBrandWeight (lb)Length (in)
1Largemouth BassSpinnerbaitWar Eagle
2Black CrappieCrappie Tube
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Weather: Sunny Air Temperature: 41-50 F
1 fish caught | Lunker: 6lb Walleye using a Zoom Grub

the fishing off sidecut metropark was slow i limited out the last 2 times being there. today i only got one jack it was too crowded .i would expect less people being easter i went over to bluegrass island got nothing then i called it quits         .

CatchSpeciesLure / BaitBrandWeight (lb)Length (in)