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Weather: Sunny Air Temperature: 71-80 F

Surface water temperature has been in the mid-80 degrees. There are reports that surface boils have been slow as compared to years past. The next new moon is July 23 when submersible lights at night will be effective at drawing in the plankton-shad-predatory fish chain.

June 28 report from Barry Worman, moderator of the Arizona Striper Fishing Facebook page.

“Night fishing for the stripers is picking up”

The water temperature is getting closer to mid 80s and the striper are becoming more active and more interested to bite. The bite has picked up for night fishing with many anglers reporting an average-to-good results the past 5 days.

Be sure to have a good underwater light in the water and chum to hold the school under the boat.  Anglers are reporting the best results from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. in 30-45 water depth. This is very shallow depth for this time of year, but the lake still has a very high water level right now (82.8 percent) which is very high and not always the case during previous years.

Anglers have reported netting shad using their underwater lights at night, helping catch some nice size fish. Frozen anchovies or earth worms are still the most common method working for a majority of anglers right now.

Anglers are also having luck at sunrise with top-water lures such as Spooks, skitterwalkers and Rico’s.  The other favorite technique is to use a paddletail swimbait that come in 3.5 or 5 inches long. Skinny dippers, Bass Assassin reaction innovations, or Gil Reaper swimbaits all have been extremely successful.  Be sure to use white, money shot, smoking grey, sexy shad or the ASF white/chartreuse colors with fishing swimbaits. The hot air temperatures are here but the huge summer limits (60-100-plus fish a night) that anglers are known to catch have not kicked in yet. The night bite and daylight hour boils will get better the farther we get into summer.

Anglers should also be prepared for a lot of dink-size fish in upcoming months.  I fished one of the northern coves last weekend and there were thousands of 2-3-ounce shad slurping for more than 2 hours eating shad larvae and other tiny baitfish. The striper are thriving and the bait population is thriving as well.  Some bigger striper were around but you will need to use a weighted jighead or weighted crankbait to get the down deep where the bigger fish are lurking under the dinks. Once the lake depth gets shallower in future months, be prepared to fish deeper water ( 75-110 feet deep).

Flathead catfishing also is excellent. Fish shallow during the nighttime with bluegill or carp as bait.

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Weather: Sunny Air Temperature: 61-70 F

Look for the spring bite to pick up any week now, despite rains predicted for Saturday – be sure to check the weather before heading out. Best bet might be frozen anchovies in 65-75 feet in northern coves. Shore anglers can try throwing jigs and jerkbaits – target shoreline structures.

Some anglers continue having luck striper fishing in Castle Creek during late mornings and afternoons. Live shad continues to be a reliable bait. Try dropshot rigs for both.

An angler reported fishing Saturday, Feb. 4 and that fish were active after 1:30 p.m. in the back of Humbug. Smaller stripers were 30 feet down in a total of 65 feet of depth.

Catfishing can be decent using dead shad fished on the bottom with hot dogs, chicken liver, or anchovies. Some anglers will chum a cove overnight with corn and return to fish the same cove with corn – this can be an effective tactic for catching carp and catfish.

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Weather: Sunny Air Temperature: 81-90 F

LAKE PLEASANT – (Lake elevation 1,667 feet, 63.5 % full).

Aug. 1 from Guide Mike Strole, “The Fish Whisperer” of AZ Great Adventure Fishing:

Be sure to check out the weather report before planning your trip because of the monsoon storms that have been forecast.

Lake Pleasant water level is at 64%. CAP has been pumping out 1650  cubic feet per second. As a result, the water level has consistently been dropping. This has a tendency to create current in the river and creek channels.
The early morning surface bite is good in the north end of the lake and up in the river channel.

Throw 3-inch swimbaits with a stinger hook or ½-ounce spoons into the broils. As the sun peeks over the horizon and strikes the water the stripers have a tendency to move to the shaded sides of reefs and channels that have access to deeper water. This is a good time to break out your favorite spoons and vertical jig.
For more information or if you have questions or concerns check out azgreatadventurefishing.com or send an email to azgreatadventurefishing@cox.net  Be safe, enjoy, and have fun.

July 24 report from Derrick Franks of the Striper Snatcher Guide Service:

With the lake at 69 percent, water elevation and the dam releasing 2,200 cubic feet per second, Lake Pleasant has slowly tilted efficiency in the anglers’ favor.

Fish will be structurally oriented to transition areas in the river channels of the northern coves. The reason being is there is current created from the significant water release, thus creating a scenario where generally pelagic fish will stack up on the shade side of a river channel drop-off.

This is the perfect scenario for spoon fishing. Once you hook the first one, generally they can all be caught if you can stay over them. The spoon fishing tactic is fun and exciting and will last all day long.

The white bass have made a great comeback this season and we got into schools of just white bass most of last week. I use a 2-ounce, 3-inch Trendsetter Jig that has a drop rate of 10 feet per second to offset the drift rate of a 10-knot wind.

I like to pound the bottom of the lake with it and do a fast wind up and watch my graph. You'll be able to tell if they are reacting on it.  The most common mistake is using a spoon that's too light. You want that lure to stay under you so you can effectively give it the proper action.

For more information (and to reach out for any inquiries about Lake Pleasant logistics) visit www.stripersnatcher.com.

But these boils should pick up – read a Fish AZ blog article about top-water boils.