United States
34° 35' 24" N, 93° 20' 24" W
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Weather: Sunny Air Temperature: 71-80 F


Water Temperature: 78-82 degrees
Water Clarity: Clear
Lake Level: 576.35


Black bass are fair to good and being caught with Texas rigged plastics and crankbaits fished late evening and night. Main lake and secondary points have been the most productive.

Walleye are verygood and being caught on small crank baits and spoons on main lake humps and points near brush.

Stripers are good on Bama rigs and live bait. The central and eastern parts of the lake are the best areas for these fish.

Bream are excellent in water 10-15 feet deep on crickets and worms.

Crappie are good. Try using minnows or crappie jigs at depths around 20-25 feet deep fished near brush.

Catfish are very good on live bait and cut bait. Try depths of 10-20 feet. Give our guides a call for more information:  

MIKE WURM 501-622-7717 

CHRIS DARBY 870-867-7822 

JERRY BEAN 501-282-6104 

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Weather: Sunny Air Temperature: 61-70 F Water Temp: 51-60 F Clarity: Cloudy

It's that time of year and big striped bass are feeding up and getting ready for there push to there spawning areas. Striper Cartel guide Chris C. Has boat some real big stripers fishing big bait in water between 15-60 feet with planner boards and free lines. We've had good success on both live bait and artificials. April will be our best month for putting trophy fish in the boat. We have a couple spots open in April, so give us a call or checkout our website. 

Striper Cartel - Lake Ouachita




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Weather: Sunny Air Temperature: 61-70 F

Black bass are still good and being caught with spinner baits, big lipless crank baits or jerk baits. Main lake and secondary points are producing the best results.

are still fair and making the spawning run up the major rivers and creeks at this time.

Stripers are still good on brood minnows or swim baits. White and yellow bass are very good right now while jigging a small CC spoon or casting a hair jig. Most of these fish are up the rivers or staging to move up.

Bream are
fair. Crickets, maggots and red worms are best fished 20-25 feet deep.

Crappie are still fair. Try using small spoons, minnows or crappie jigs at depths around 20-30 feet deep near brush.

Catfish are still fair. Try live bait or cut bait in depths of 20-25 feet.