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32° 47' 14.0316" N, 117° 2' 36.114" W
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Weather: Sunny Air Temperature: 81-90 F

Bass bite has steady with fish hitting in deeper water in mid day on drop shots. There is also some exciting top water action in early moring and late afternoon. Catfish are also hitting in late afternoon from the fishing pier and along the northwest shoreline. Blue and redear are almost up to full swing with many anglers getting near limits.East County Bass Masters held a tournametn on  7/31. 8 anglers caught 15 bass with Brian winning the tournament with biggest bass at 8.3lbs and a total weight of 10.8 lbs

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Weather: Sunny Air Temperature: 61-70 F

Bass bite has been steady with most fish caught just past the weed lines during the heat of the day and mmoving closer to shore in early morning and later afternoon. Panfish bite is definitely on but most fish are still small. Catfish still doing well in late afternoon. 

Good: Bass, Bluegill, Catfish, Redear

Fair: Carp, Crappie

Poor: Trout

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Weather: Sunny Air Temperature: 71-80 F

Bass bite has been getting even better then last week with multiple anglers catching 3-6 lb. Big bass have been seen in the shallows chasing bluegill and shad. Bluegill/redear bite is great with many 2lbers being caught all across the lake. Catfish bite is still good off the pier  and deeper water points with frozen mackerel. Weather has been cooling down with the morings actually being cold. With the colder weather coming in, slower presentations have been producing more fish.