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Weather: Sunny Air Temperature: 81-90 F Water Temp: 71-80 F Clarity: Clear

Striper Cartel guide Andy W. is on the fish at Lake Lanier! The bites good and will only get better as summer approaches. The best striped bass bite is on the upper end. Both Little River and Wahoo Creek are areas with high concentrations of stripers. Small herring have been the best choose to lay the hammer down. Water between 35-60 has been the best areas to look for groups. 

Striper Cartel - Lake Lanier, Georgia. www.stripercartel.com (423)404-0508

Average: 4 (1 vote)
Weather: Sunny Air Temperature: 71-80 F Water Temp: 71-80 F Clarity: Clear

Striper Cartel - Lake Lanier, Ga. Jim, Bradley, and Andy make up our team of striped bass guides. We are a trophy striped bass guide service that focuses on big fish. But during the summer we spend our time chasing numbers. Our guides using top of the line equipment and provide everything you need for your day on the water.  Checkout our website www.stripercartel.com for more info or call (423)404-0508

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The fishing on Lake Lanier this past week has been excellent. A wake bait has been our first choice in the mornings. The focus with these baits should be fairly shallow on flats and shallower rocky points and humps as well. When the wake bait bite slows down, switch to a worm on a 1/8 ounce Davis Shaky Head in these same areas. Focus on points at the mouths of spawning pockets and on secondary points as well. A drop shot rig with a 4" worm cast to steep rock banks and points has again been productive this past week. Work the rig like a shaky head and watch for light bites. The fluke bite has slowed a bit this week. When it is on, focus on shallow wood such as blowdowns and twitch the bait slowly with 3 second pauses. Shallower, long running flat points are holding fish as well. Often these fish can be found in the 8 10 foot depth ranges on top of these points. Work a Chattahoochee Jig or shaky head worm slowly on these areas. A jerkbait has been productive on these shallower rocky points as well. Try a straight retrieve with this bait if the jerk, jerk, pause cadence does not work. Again, other than early morning, wind is important for this bite. The Largemouth are up shallow all around the lake. Look in the backs of creeks and pockets to find these critters. Docks in these areas are a good bet for these fish. A number of lures can work depending on the conditions, but all the normal fare are good choices. Here is what I have remaining open April: 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 26, and 27. The spots are on fire.

This Lake Lanier Striper report is from Captain Ken West and Captain Mike Maddalena of www.bigfishonguide.com


Striper fishing continues to be very good. The fish are being caught lake wide on points and flats half way back in the creeks, main lake humps and reef markers. There is an early morning and late afternoon bite with Blueback Herring and Gizzard Shad on free lines and planner boards. However if it is cloudy the fish have been biting all day. Fish your planner boards with single split shot 35 to 50 feet behind the boards and set your free lines at 70 to 100 feet behind the boat. Keep your trolling motor speed between .6 and 1.0 miles per hour. Expect the bite to slow when the sun gets up on those blue bird sky days. In this case, move to deeper water, slow your presentation and deploy a couple of down rods in addition to your free lines. We have had some reports of a night bite with Bombers on main lake and creek mouth points. Get out your Red Fin as we have also had some reports of a top water bite. The Umbrella rig is working. Set your Umbrella rigs at 70 to 90 feet behind the boat and pull at 2.6 to 3.3 MPH. Chestatee River and the creeks up the Chestatee have been the hot spots this past week. The lake temperature is in the low to mid 60’s and the water is clear on the main lake and lightly stained in the backs of the creeks. The lake is ½ foot below full pool. To book your guide trip call us at 404 561 2564 or contact us on our web site. www.bigfishonguide.com


This Lake Lanier Crappie report is from Dan Saknini, member of the Lanier Crappie Angler’s Club. See our club’s website, www.laniercrappieanglers.net


With the cool nights, water temperature is still holding around 63 degrees. Fishing remains strong. There is plenty of evidence to support that the spawn is still underway. We are catching fish that are full of eggs, and are also catching those that have already spawned. The fishing pattern is definitely not the norm. The docks that we are targeting now generally hold fish only in spring during the spawn. If you think you are in the back of a creek or the back of a pocket that could be a good spawning area, look for these signs: weed lines partially protruding from the water, and willow trees along the banks and in the shallows. You can fish those areas with a jig or a minnow under a cork. However, you should also pay close attention to nearby docks in 5 to12 foot depths. Since you are fishing shallows, your best choice jig will be the 1/32 or 1/24 ounce jig head. If the area has a flat bottom between the spawning ground and the docks, it would be a perfect place to try your long line trolling method using a double rig with curly tails. Use different colors, and if you find you are getting more bites on one color, switch to that color. A few fish are also being caught on blow downs, although the blow down bite has been very inconsistent. Your biggest challenge for this time of year is the wind which may force you to use a heavier jig head. There are a number of fishermen competing for the same fish, so if you feel like you should be getting bites and you’re not, chances are the spot has recently been fished. So keep moving and try different spots. Wear your life jacket it can save your life!