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33° 59' 45.7296" N, 117° 22' 48.0324" W
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Weather: Sunny Air Temperature: 71-80 F Water Temp: 61-70 F Clarity: Clear
1 fish caught | Lunker: 2lb Largemouth Bass using a Rubber Worm

Spent three days at Lake Evans last week with no luck.  Was just getting ready to go home without even a nibble when I spotted a few fish near the shore.  Used an offset worm hook and a roboworm and got this little one - my first at Lake Evans.  C&R

CatchSpeciesLure / BaitBrandWeight (lb)Length (in)
1Largemouth BassRubber Worm29
Average: 2 (1 vote)
Weather: Sunny Air Temperature: 81-90 F Water Temp: 61-70 F Clarity: Cloudy

Spent a few hours fishing Lake Evans for the first time.  A couple of kids next to me caught 2 small trout and 1 bigger trout.  Other than that it was slow.  Got a few nibbles on hotdog but nothing big.  

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Weather: Sunny Air Temperature: 71-80 F Water Temp: 61-70 F Clarity: Murky

Thursday was my third trip to Lake Evans. I am trying to fish here every Thursday morning after I get off of work. This time I was going to try for catfish. I set up to the left of the big dock. I threw out one line with mackrel and my other pole I was messing around with different lures and soft plastics for bass (mainly just seeing how some of my new lures acted). I got a couple really nice hits on the cat pole but no hook ups. Casted back out to same spot and the surrounding area but never got hit again. As the sun came up and it got warmer I finished off the day with no more bites and one tree taking my rig. Will be exploring this lake a little more each time I go and trying to find some sweet spots.

Also look out for all the geese they are some mean birds :)