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31° 48' 36" N, 85° 8' 24" W
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Weather: Sunny Air Temperature: 51-60 F

Lake Eufaula, Alabama


Lake Level           188.80 msl

Water Temperature    low 50's to upper 40's

Water clarity        muddy


The lower than normal temperatures are keeping most of the fishermen off the water.


Those tough fishermen who are braving below 20 degree morning temperatures are getting a few nice bass in very slow moving jig's.


Crappie are harder to find in the dirty water, when the winds lay and the water clears up, they will be caught on the creek ledges and on deeper trash piles, remember to keep your bait above the schools, crappie will not go down for a meal, they are always looking up, making a profile with the skyline important.


Catfish are also slow, a few are hitting cut bait on jugs in creeks where you can find some sloughs where the wind will let your jugs stay put.


Be very careful when going on the water in these extremely cold conditions. hypothermia sets in quickly with the water this cold, be sure and keep your PFD on and be safe. The river is a beautiful place on any given day, enjoy your time and be sure and eat plenty of fish, it's good for your health and good for the fishery.


God Bless & Good Fishn'

Capt. Sam





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Weather: Sunny Air Temperature: 51-60 F

Water Level         188.03 msl

Water Temperature   low 50's

Water Clarity       stained to muddy


Bass have moved deeper for the most part, jigs with big chunks worked slow are getting strikes. When the sun comes out and the bait get’s active, the shallow bite is working, sinko's or fluke's worked under the surface will also get a strike. The fish are lethargic in cold water so slow moving bait will work best.


Crappie are doing well on jig's being trolled along the creel ledges. Deeper trash piles are still holding crappie, vertical jigging or minnow’s on a tight line will get some good catches for the dinner table.


Catfish are doing well on jugs in the creeks. Cut bait is best. When the baitfish get active, the cat's will feed shallower.


Hybrid's  are getting active in 15 to 55 feet. Hammered strata spoons are doing the trick. Fan cast the areas you are working 'till you get a strike. Troll over to the spot and begin vertical jigging the school.


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God Bless & Good Fishn'

Capt. Sam

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Weather: Sunny Air Temperature: 61-70 F

It looks like winter has come early to the Treasure Coast.  These cold fronts have cooled things down around there.  Water temps have dropped into the 60's this week, but the fish are still biting!  I still believe you shouldn't have to wear long pants and jackets in Florida, but I have to cope with what Mother Nature brings us.  Dress in layers for these cool mornings, cause it will warm up by mid day.  I love the fishing this time of year!


We have enjoyed a good variety of fish this week.  The trout and redfish have been biting and so have the snapper, sheepshead and mackerel. I enjoy wintertime fishing because you have so many different fish to target no matter what the weather dishes out for you.  Steve was out with me this week on a nice morning.  After catching the usual variety of fish, including sheepshead and snapper, he ended up the day with four slot redfish from the mangroves in Fort Pierce.  A great way to end a fishing adventure!  Mark was down from Massachusetts for a few days.  We had a super morning with a large variety of fish.  Trout, snook, mackerel, sheepshead and jacks to name a few of the many types of fish.  He'll be back soon to fish again.


We have been catching our trout on the grass flats in two to four feet of water.  Having the water near 68 degrees or better has been most productive.  DOA shrimp, CAL jerk baits and shad tails have been our best lures for catching the trout.  Work your lures slowly this time of year for best results.  The redfish we have caught are hanging under the mangroves and docks.  Get your lures under the mangroves to find the redfish.  It's a challenge some days, but it produces fish!  You can find plenty of jacks, ladyfish and mackerel around the inlet areas on the incoming tide.  Small, shiny lures will work best for these fish.  The mackerel have been nice size lately.  Lots of sheepshead, snapper and some black drum have been around docks, bridges and channel edges this week.  The pompano have arrived and are in the river and along the beach. It's that time of year and they are fun to catch.


Snook season closes December 15th. You have a couple weeks left to try for that slot fish.  The main channel in Fort Pierce changes to slow speed on November 15th.  From the north bridge to the signs south of the south bridge will be slow speed for the winter months.  Don't forget!!


As always, remember, fishing is not just another hobby....it's an ADVENTURE!


Good Fishing and Be Safe, Captain Charlie Conner


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