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Howdy from Lake Cuyamaca!


Dusty Britches here along with Sniffles, Tapeworm, and Spud.

It’s been a little windy at the old pond lately. The winds have been coming from both the Pacific North West and from the East.

Adrian Otero of La Mirada caught his limit using garlic power bait at the T Dock with the largest rainbow coming in at 3 pounds 8 ounces.

Vincent Rosa of San Diego included a 6 pound 8 ounce bow with his stringer while fishing along the shore next to the dam.

Isabella from El Cajon caught her trout on mice tails and Thomas buoyant spoons.

Frank Ignacio of San Diego only caught 3 fish, but they weighed 11 pounds with the largest tipping the scales at 5 pounds 8 ounces fishing the shore next to the wooden pier at Chambers using night crawlers.


Average: 3 (1 vote)
Weather: Sunny Air Temperature: 61-70 F

Howdy from Lake Cuyamaca!


Dusty Britches here giving an update on the fishing at Lake Cuyamaca.

Mostly all successful fishing has been done with baid, either night crawlers or power bait. Most often bought power bait is rainbow for now.

Seven year old Tyler Kinnard of La Mesa tied into his first trout.a 3 pounder on the shoreline at Chamber’s Park using a night crawler.

Becky Timms, visiting from Quebec, Canada reeled in a 4 pound catfish using a night cawler on the bottom fishing the west finger jetty. Her friend said it was more fun watching her clean it than catch it!

David Miller of Solana Beach caught his limit of trout using the Cuyamaca Sandwich at Lone Pine.

Betty Miller, Dave’s mom, was the hero of the day nabbing a 4 pound 8 ounce Bow on a slow retrieve from shore using a Thomas Buoyant 1/6th ounce red and gold spoon.

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Dusty Britches here along with Cuss Cussler, Peppermint Patty, and Slick Britches (no relation).

The trout are starting to come around. A 4 pounder was brought in at Chambers Park yesterday as part of a limit caught by Thomas Forsnes of Anaheim, CA. He was using a dipped Cuyamaca Sandwich, power bait and night crawler dipped in Berkeley trout dip.

Jennifer Simpson from Chula Vista reeled in her limit using night crawlers at Lone Pine fishing from shore.

Tim Watson from El Centro used his own stink bait to catch a couple of respectable channel catfish.

The Gonzales brothers, Juan and Javier, both caught limits of rainbow trout at Mc Gregor Cove. They were there probably because it was out of the wind, using night crawlers.

Like I said, the trout fishing is picking up and is much better than it has been over the past few weeks.

What a haul!

Fishng pic

The water level in both basins is still at 27.1-2, off the water level charts which max’s out at 26.7. At 26.7 we have 3,654.44 acre feet in the upper (east) basin and 996.22 acre feet in the lower (west) basin. If we catch DFW as they plant, we will ask them to plant in the upper basin. Jess Ranch will be planting 1,200 pounds on March 7th and we will be planting those fish in the upper (east) basin. In my next article I will update you on whether or not either plant was successful because access will be a challenge.

No pan fish have been taken nor rappie, bluegill, etc. After the water transfer I will be stocking more bluegill and DFW has allowed us to add Red Ear Sunfish this year. The carp population is doing well.

SURF, San Diego Ultra Running Friends, have descended upon the Lake to do their annual 12-24. They set up at Chambers Park and run a loop trail for either 12 hours or 24 hours straight. I’m told it’s good preparation for upcoming events like a 50K run, 75K run, 100K run, Marathon, 50 mile run, or 75 mile run to qualify for the San Diego 100 mile run. They need to have these under their belt in order to qualify for the 100 miler. Crazy stuff. A great group of fun loving people who are insane about their health and the health of others.

Jennifer Henderson is ram rodding this event and Scott Mills will be in charge of the San Diego 100 mile event on June 8 to 10. Brian Gonzales will host the Lost Boys 50 mile event which starts in the desert beyond Tamarisk Grove. Those runners will go from the desert and run to the top of Cuyamaca Peak, then finish at Lake Cuyamaca. More crazy stuff! I guess that’s why they are called Ultra Distance runners.

Both in the same weight class!

Fishng pic

We are still in damage control mode. The recent storms have created a measureable amount of damage here. We have had 3 walking bridges and 3 smaller docks washed away and found elsewhere around the shore of the lake. We have been able to float them back in proximity to where they came so, when it dries out, we can replace them. The floats under one of the docks needed to be completely replaced. Another dock was replace once, then washed out after the storm on February 26 and 27. Lots of debris to pick up and clean-up to do. We are trying to recover a float that washed away during the rains of 1997-98 and wound up at the foot of Rattlesnake Hill out by Sunrise Highway. We were able to dislodge it and have the Santa-Ana winds blow it in our direction, but the weather patterns changed and the westerly winds pushed it back out to the east. Still trying to get it back.

I took the two labs down to dog beach to sniff butts with other mutts the other day. There was a skinny mid-sized dog over by the jetty dining on something, so my dogs thought they’d go sniff a butt and check out what had captured the interest of this other dog. Another disposable diaper with its contents dripping off the whiskers of the other dog, my labs chose not to participate. Good dogs! I will never understand why people are too lazy to find a trash can or take their discards with them. Guess my expectations are too high.

The restaurant business is picking up. Bobby Morgan is cooking up a storm in that cracker-box kitchen. Great chicken pot pies, fresh baked apple and berry pies a-la-mode, half-pound burgers, open faced chili-burgers, and more. If you are in the area, check it out!

Mark Twain....

"Humor is mankind’s greatest blessing. When angry, count to 4; when very angry; swear!" (Like ole Cuss Cussler)

Tight lines and bent poles! Dusty Bridges.