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Dusty Britches here along with Snot Sucker, and I can’t make it to work.

Well, I have one thing to say; TIMBER! The tall trees are falling.


Eric Pridmore of Ramona,CA with an 8 pound 3 ounce rainbow to add to his collection using 2 pound test leader line while his dad looked on which is sweet revenge because Eric’s dad caught a 10 pounder last week (on Eric’s rod) after asking Eric to go get him some breakfast.


Mr. Zuniga caught his share of rainbow trout using rainbow power bait fishing the shore between the wooden dock and the north finger jetty.

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Weather: Sunny Air Temperature: 81-90 F

Dusty Britches here along with the crew from Lake Cuyamaca Recreation and Park District.

The fishing has been slow, to say the least. Some catfish still being taken, but the trout bite has dropped off considerably. Cooler temperatures are around the corner as the weather predictions show cooler days ahead.

We have been on the horn to Jess Ranch to try to arrange a trout plant (or two) in the near future to get things going again. Keep an eye on our website or weekly fishing report to find out when, we already know where!

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Weather: Sunny Air Temperature: 81-90 F

Howdy from Lake Cuyamaca! 

Dusty Britches here. I just got word from Skid Mark for the first time since her leaving us. She is doing well, and posed a question, so I thought I’d pass it on. How many Padres have hit for the cycle? 

The catfish are biting. Large cats, a 21 pounder, 16 pounder, and 15 pounder came out today. All were caught on homemade stink bait. Not all catfish were caught by the same angler nor the same group of anglers. And all stink baits were different. Another 15 pounder was brought in this morning, caught on dough-balls. Some crappie coming out, but, again, their size is small as a result of what happened earlier this year. 

San Diego County Record! 

The trout are a hard catch due to water conditions right now. The water level is low, temperature in the low 70’s and dissolved oxygen hovering around 6 ppm. 

My two butt-sniffing labs are getting a haircut today to help relieve them of the heat, and relieve me of the ever present hair balls that blow across the tile floor. Molakai, the male, and Hana, the female, have never had this done to them before. It usually takes two veterinary assistants to help get Molikai through the front door. We arranged it to be done after their check-up at the East County Veterinary Clinic. I wonder if there is any medication the vet can give them to help relieve their embarrassment from the experience. It’s gonna be different around the old homestead tonight. The "how could you?" look in their eyes is going to be funny. 

It’s red hot and heating. We are all hoping for a break in the heat soon. Another catfish just came in, at 12 pounds.