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With the cooler temperatures rapidly approaching, ice fishing is definitely on everyone's minds here in Vermont. We are currently in the November regular season whitetail hunting season and everyone is trying to bag that big buck. But with the few thick frost mornings we have had, ice fishing has been a topic of conversation during the evening meals. Where to go, what to bring, best baits to use and reliving the great Vermont ice fishing memories of the past get us all fired up for the upcoming ice season. Good luck to all and I look foreward to reading some great fishing reports!

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We have made plenty of ice this week it should not be any problem to find good ice to fish on the main part of Lake Champlain is still open but most of the Bays are froze over now this weekend should be excellent fishing check out the shallow bays for Sunfish , Bluegills , Yellow Perch , Northern Pike and pickerel The deeper bays should hold Yellow Perch , White Perch , Salmon , Brown Trout and Lake Trout . So get out and enjoy the winter weather. We are headed to the Rockingham Hunting and Fishing Expo Jan 10 , 11 in Salem NH. so stop by and visit us at our both .