United States
36° 49' 1.1316" N, 88° 8' 55.6944" W
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Air Temperature: Low 67 High 91
Water Temperature: Low 76 High 80
Water Elevation: 355' (Winter pool 354')
Water Clarity: Clear with green stain

With the bass and catfishing being a little slow, my clients and I have mostly been pan fishing. We've been catching lots of Bluegill, a good number of Crappie, lots of Yellow Bass, a few Large and Smallmouth Bass, some White Bass, an occasional Sauger, Catfish, and Red Eared Sunfish. Fishing has been fun action with an occasional big fish. We've been targeting stumps and brush from 6' to 25' deep water in the bays and on the main lake. Catching fish by casting small spoons, jigs, swim baits, minnows, and crawlers. I hear there is good action trolling crank baits.

Just posted new pictures to my website, check 'em out on my Pictures webpage.
I still have a few good dates available in November. To book a trip just give me a call at 270-354-6017.

Captain Kirk, OUT!

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Weather: Sunny Air Temperature: 61-70 F

Captain's Log  Air Temperature: Low 60 High 77 Water Temperature: Low 68 High 71 Water Elevation: 359' ( 359' Summer pool)  Water Clarity: Fairly clear, little dirty in back of some bays. 3ft visibility, green stain.  If you're a bit of a fair weather fisherman, May is the month for you! The weather is great, the fresh green trees make for beautiful scenery, and the majority of fish species in the lake are in some stage of spawn. In other words fish are shallow and if you can find the bank you should be able to catch some. I've been fishing for Crappie, Red Ears, Bluegill, Catfish, Largemouth Bass, and Smallmouth Bass. We've been catching some of all species but found the fish fairly scattered making it hard to really pound them. The Bluegill and Red Ears are usually the exception this coming month. They spawn in large colonies and will provide fast action.   I posted recent pictures on our website. Click on the "Pictures" tab to see them.  LARGEMOUTH BASS Notes on Action: The fish are biting pretty good but finding fish pretty scattered. A few here and a few there. The peak of their spawn is now. What to use: Green pumpkin lizards fished Texas style with a 1/4 oz weight is a mainstay. But fish are being caught on crankbaits (deep and shallow), top waters, spinner baits, swim baits, shaky head jigs, Texas rigged plastic worms, heavy large jigs and tubes. Almost any good bait will catch a few. Where to Fish: Catching fish in the bushes, backs of bays, on gravel round points and on main lake points. Almost anywhere, mainly shallow two to eight foot deep.  SMALLMOUTH BASS  Notes on Action: Catching spawning fish a few here a few there. What to Use: Texas and Carolina rigged lizards, creature baits, soft stick baits, and shaky head with worm, craw or beaver. Smaller swim baits and tubes are also working.  CRAPPIE Notes on Action: We're at the tail end of their spawn but still catching spawning fish as shallow a 2ft deep. A few here a few there, keep moving and you can get a good mess. What to Use: Minnows and jigs. Where to Fish: Wood cover from 2' to 20' is producing fish.  RED EAR/BLUEGILL Notes on Action: I haven't found a large bunch of bedding fish yet, but expect to in the near future. They are spawning now but in the early stages. What to Use: Crickets, worms and small jigs. Where to Fish: 2' to 4' deep on gravel bottoms.  CATFISH Notes on Action: Fish still a little scattered but should find large groups soon. What to Use: Night crawler or shrimp. Where to Fish: Chunky rock points and banks 2' to 10' deep.  I still have good dates for summer Bass, Crappie or White Bass available. If interested feel free to call at 877-354-6017 or 270-354-6017. Thanks for reading my report!  Captain Kirk, out! 

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Weather: Sunny Air Temperature: 61-70 F

Air Temperature: Low 38 High 48
Water Temperature: Low 48 High 49
Water Elevation: 355' ( 354' Winter pool)
Water Clarity: 1' visibility (little dirty)

I've done more brush pile planting than fishing the past couple weeks. That's all going to change tomorrow. Looks like we are going to have an extended warm spell and I have eager clients wanting to go fishing. The fish seem to be mostly in a deeper winter pattern, but some are shallow and more will soon follow as the water warms.

Notes on Action:
Catching good numbers of both Black and White Crappie. Seems to be an abundance of short (less than 10") fish and some really big ones (over 2Lbs).
What to use:
Bobby Garland shad bodies, Strike King Shadilicious paddle tails, 2" tubes and curly tails are all producing. I use bright colors usually some sort of white, chartreuse, purple, pink, or blue.
Where to Fish:
Black Crappie generally come shallow sooner than White Crappie. Rocky points with some wood are good locations. White Crappie are "generally" deeper this time of year. Brush in 10' to 20' is a safe bet.

Alabama rigs fished on main lake points, shallow bars, deeper rocky banks, and ledges are producing. Rattle traps and crank baits are also catching some scattered shallow fish. A smaller green pumpkin jig fished on deeper rocky banks will get some.

I'll be fishing lots in the near future. I'll try and keep you posted.
Thanks for reading my report.
Captain Kirk, out