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41° 12' 29.2968" N, 88° 0' 57.6864" W
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Weather: Sunny Air Temperature: 51-60 F

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Weather: Sunny Air Temperature: 71-80 F Water Temp: 61-70 F Clarity: Murky
1 fish caught | Lunker: 4lb Northern Pike using a Zoom Fluke

It was my first time out at the kankakee river in momence and we were fishing for largemouth, smallmouth, and pike. Iwas just jerking the fluke nice n slow close to the bottom and felt a small hit so I set the hook and my line shot like a bullet straight across the river scarred the hell out of me. reeled him in and was happier than a pig in pooh.

CatchSpeciesLure / BaitBrandWeight (lb)Length (in)
1Northern PikeFlukeZoom424
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Weather: Sunny Air Temperature: 61-70 F

What a great season it was for Grab Your Fly Charters. I was pleased that it finished the way it did chasing chrome on the Pere Marquette. Even though the boat has just been put away I am already looking forward to next year. I want to address a little rumor that I heard recently, I AM NOT stopping guiding on the Kankakee River. For 2015 I will still running trips on the southern basin of Lake Michigan, the Kankakee River, Beaver Island, and the Pere Marquette. The show season is among us and kicks off next weekend at the ISA early show.Lots of regional tyers will be there along with a great line up of guest speakers.