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Dungeness crab, bay clams, rockfish, steelhead

Trout fishing in streams is now closed until May 22, 2017.

Currently all the steelhead rivers in the Coos Basin are high and muddy and will likely be that way into the weekend. Steelhead season is starting to wind down but there will still be some steelhead for anglers to catch through the month of March. Anglers are drifting eggs or corkies along the stream bottom or using a jig suspended under a bobber. Anglers fishing the South Fork Coos River above Dellwood will need a permit from Weyerhaeuser, which they can pick up at the Dellwood office. In the Coos Basin 1 additional hatchery steelhead may be retained per day for a total aggregate of 3 adult fish harvested daily.

Anglers have been catching a few rockfish and surfperch along the jetties and submerged rock piles. Fishing for rockfish in the bay has been spotty. The marine fish daily bag limit for bottom fish (rockfish) is seven fish and a separate daily limit for lingcod (two). The 7 fish marine bag limit will remain in place, with these adjustments for 2017: Create a sub-bag limit of 6 black rockfish, Remove the sub-bag limit for canary rockfish, Add China/quillback/ copper rockfishes to the sub-bag limit with blue/Deacon rockfish and change the limit from 3 to 4. Finally remove the 10-inch minimum size for kelp greenling. Retention of cabezon is not allowed until July 1.

Recreational crabbing is open inside the Coos Bay estuary. Crabbing has been slow to decent in Coos Bay but crabbers will need to sort through several short crab to find keepers. Crabbing from a boat has been better than crabbing from the dock but dock crabbers are picking up a few legal crabs.

Recreational harvest of bay clams remains open along the entire Oregon coast. Clamming is excellent during low tides near Charleston, off Cape Arago Highway, and Clam Island. There are also good places to dig clams even on positive low tides in Coos Bay.

Recreational harvest of razor clams and mussels is closed from the entire Oregon coast due to elevated levels of domoic acid. This includes all beaches and all bays. Before any shellfish harvest trip, make sure to check the Oregon Department of Agriculture website for any updates. 

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COOS COUNTY LAKES/PONDS: trout, largemouth bass, bluegills 

There will be no more trout stocking in the Coos County lakes until this fall. Empire Lakes and Tenmile Lakes were stocked last week with legal-size trout. Trophy trout were also stocked in Empire Lakes last week. Trout are biting on bait fished near the bottom or lures like spinners or spoons. 

There are trout available for kids in the Millicoma Pond at the Millicoma Interpretive Center and fishing is excellent. Millicoma Pond is set aside for kids fishing only and is a great chance for them to hook into fish. Please call before traveling to Millicoma Pond to make sure the gates are open. The phone number is (541)267-2557. 

Fishing for largemouth bass and bluegills have been good in many of the Coos County lakes. Fishing for bass will be best in the mornings and late evenings. Fish for bluegills around structure like submerged logs and weedlines.  

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Weather: Sunny Air Temperature: 61-70 F


Both legal and trophy trout will be stocked this week in Empire Lakes, Powers Pond, and Bradley Lake. Legal sized trout will also be stocked in Saunders Lake and Johnson Mill Pond. Legal size trout were stocked in the past month in Mingus Park Pond. Trout are biting on bait fished near the bottom or lures like spinners or spoons. There are several lakes like Tenmile, Eel, and Butterfield have holdover rainbow trout from last years stocking.