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WOW – what a morning….. Long time client and friend Leo needed a day on the water, so off to LA WALL  we went. Leo loves the WALL, something about the target fishing and putting the fly into the pockets and getting the grab really puts a smile on his face.

As we began our gray light journey, the wind was up and we had ripple going, not a good sign. We ran to our first stop with little action. I made the move to a spot that I knew had current running with the incoming tide and that was the call!

Leo started hooking up and it was non stop action all morning long. There was a saltwater bass tournament going on so quite a few of the competitor are friends and stop by to say hello as Leo put on a clinic!

As the wind began to build we called it a day at 11:00 AM – no use beating ourselves up. Final score – over 70 fish between us! Mostly 1.5 to 2.5 with a couple of 3 plus – only a hand full of miniatures. That is flat out fun on an 8wt fly rod.  Calico Bass, Sand Bass, Johnny Bass, Barracuda and a few Mackerel thrown in. Awesome day on the water!

Tight lines,

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    Boat    Trip Type    Anglers    Fish Counts    ETA 

    Commander    Full Day     24    1 Yellowtail, 2 Dorado, 1 Bonito    

    Eldorado    2 Day     29    89 Yellowtail, 18 Sheephead, 1 Sculpin, 115 Rockfish, 34 Calico Bass, 2 Bonito, 1 Barracuda    

    Ahra-Ahn    Full Day     35    2 Yellowtail, 2 Sheephead, 3 Rockfish, 5 Opaleye, 5 Calico Bass, 4 Bonito, 2 Halfmoon, 1 Barracuda    

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Long Beach Sportfishing Fish Counts 

as of January 25, 2015BoatTrip TypeAnglersFish CountsETALiberty3/4 Day 84 Sand Bass, 1 Halfmoon, 2 Calico BassAhra-Ahn3/4 Day 262100 Sanddab BoatsAnglersDock Total2 Boats 34 4 Sand Bass, 1 Halfmoon, 2 Calico Bass, 2100 SanddabFor a complete archive of our fish counts please go to Sportfishingreport.com!